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This is a cat post. You were warned.

In high school, I became very interested in astrological signs and their meanings, mainly because each time I read a description for my sign, Taurus, it hit my personality dead on. The descriptions even touched on my love of animals. For some cosmic reason, Taureans seem to take to animals better than any sign, a fact that I have seen in action.

I’m the girl who walks into your house, says a brief “Hey, how’s it going” to you, and then gets distracted by your adorable, or not, pet sitting on your sofa. Normally my greetings towards my friends’ pets are stopped when I remember my manners and start to focus on the actual reason I’m there, but I’ve recently discovered a cat that can make anyone, even dog-lovers, get so distracted that they forget what they were doing before meeting her.

I’ve tried to describe Gabby, my sister’s long-haired princess of a kitten, to my friends, but they always look at me with the “I-just-discovered-that-my-friend-is-a-cat-lady” look, which really isn’t true. Let me break it down for you. She’s small, about 6 pounds, fluffy, and she prances. She is very social — she likes to sit where you are and watches you while you type on the computer or watch tv. She’s adorable. She will jump up on your bed and give a girly “meow” before tilting her head ever-so-slightly, a clear signal for “and why are you sleeping instead of petting me?”

I know that most people love dogs because they are unconditional lovers, but I feel like there is something to be said about cats. If a dog loves you, it’s because you’re breathing. If a cat loves you, it’s because you’re normal. Think about it. Have you ever seen a cat run up to a screaming person in a crazy outfit? Probably not. But a dog would see her and think “ball?”

This is probably not my only cat post, but it does hold an important disclaimer: Gabby is the most adorable cat you’ll ever meet and, if you are fortunate enough to come in contact with her, you’ll fall in love with her.

Miss Gabby in Lexington, KY


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