Mapping Atlanta Proposal

  1. For my project, I am looking at these sites: Creative Loafing, The Tabernacle, and Music Midtown.
  2. I am interested in these sites because I have always been really intrigued by the music culture in Atlanta. All of these sites deal with music in Atlanta. Creative Loafing is a newspaper that is well known for keeping natives up to date on what shows are playing and how you should spend your weekend. The Tabernacle is an old church that was converted into a music stage. I have seen some of my favorite bands play there! Music Midtown is an annual music festival that is hosted in Piedmont Park every year. The line ups have been getting more famous as the festival becomes more popular.
  3. I think that these sites combine to make the argument that Atlanta indeed a cultural hotspot, especially with music.
  4. I will visit Piedmont Park, but I already have many pictures from this year’s Music Midtown. I will visit The Tabernacle as well to take some photos. For the Creative Loafing site, I would like to take pictures of the newspaper stands around the city to show how accessible it is to residents.
  5. I am still working out how I want things to work, but I have some experience with iMovie on Mac. I think it would be neat to move the photos around and set them to the music that is so popular in Atlanta.
  6. I plan on looking at YouTube and different blogs to see how other people have presented their information. Since I am not completely savvy with this type of programming, I’d like to get some ideas before I start.
  7. I plan to work on this individually.
  8. Will this be presented to the class? Will I have to format it so that it can post to my blog?

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  1. 1

    tyananicolej said,

    I love this idea. I think that the three sites you have chosen spotlight the “underground” music culture of Atlanta. I think your plans to incorporate music with pictures is a great idea. If iMovie is too much for you, there’s a free program called Soundslide that is very easy to use. I can’t wait to see how it comes together!

  2. 2

    I’ve actually heard that Atlanta is the heart of the music in the country from some people who come from out of state, so what I think you’re doing is awesome! (And on the flipside Atlanta is apparently two or three years behind in fashion, but who cares?) Might I suggest visiting a free concert or something similar if you have the time? Or maybe you can use varying types of music (which I think you plan to do anyway); otherwise, I think the idea is great and good luck!

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