And this is why having a computer in class is very dangerous for your grade…

So I was on my computer during Art History (mainly because I can’t understand my professor’s crazy Hungarian accent so I end up teaching myself the material anyway…) and came across something awesome. But first, here’s some back story.

My older sister has an obsession with the British television show Dr.Who, a show about an alien that travels through time via a blue telephone booth. Now I’m sure this sounds completely insane, but it actually has a pretty big following. Jordan will sit in our living room until 3AM watching this show and will periodically go on binges, secluding herself from everyone but the cat and only watching the show for hours at a time.

Now that you know why a Dr.Who video post would catch my attention, I can share what exactly has lead to this post. I was stumbling on my computer (if you don’t know what stumbling is you should a. scold yourself for being out of the loop, and b. check out this link:, and came across a blog by a kid named Charlie from the UK talking about Dr. Who. Normally I look at blogs and think, “eh, it’s been done before” but this guy is different. I mean he has 3 million hits on a video of him just juggling. For real. He’s super adorable and you’ll just keep wanting to watch more.  I’ve added some of his videos to this post and I strongly advise you to watch them and fall in love. Seriously, this kid is the next big thing.

You’re welcome.


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